Farm Vet Services

Stewartry Vets offer competitively-priced farm veterinary services

A major part of the practice is dedicated to providing a full-range of competitively-priced farm veterinary services.

We can assist with flock and herd health plans, nutrition, fertility, disease investigation, mastitis investigation in cattle, monthly milk record analysis, tup management including sperm count analysis and viability, laboratory work to investigate issues such as faecal worm egg counts, testing for rotavirus, coronavirus, E.coli and cryptosporidium, the most common causes of calf scour, downer cow profiling and routine screening for certain diseases to decide whether vaccination is necessary.

We also offer an out-of-hours call-out service for emergencies for everything from traumatic animal injury to calving and lambing problems and uterine prolapses.

We are members of the British Cattle Veterinary Association

For an idea of the emergencies The Stewartry Veterinary Practice deals with, hurry over to BBC iPlayer and watch Series 2, Episode 10 of the hugely popular BBC series This Farming Life where one of our vets, Graham Bell, can be seen performing open stomach surgery on a dairy cow in a barn! One of the cow's four stomachs had "floated" to the top of its body and needed to be brought back "down to earth" by Graham, with the help of farmer Aylett Roan of Barnbarroch Farm's Roan's Dairy near Dalbeattie. Aylett's son and daughter were watching happily, gaining inspiration for a future career perhaps!

(November 2017: For more information on This Farming Life and until such times as Episode 10 of Series 2 becomes available on iPlayer, check here:

Our fully qualified and dedicated team aim to offer the highest quality animal care and a responsive service when you need us. For more information or to book an appointment, call 01556 502263 today.

Please note: The law requires anyone keeping cattle to report every abortion or premature calving to their vet or local animal health office. An abortion or premature calving is defined as “an abortion or calving which takes place less than 271 days after service or 265 days after implantation or transfer of an embryo, whether the calf is born dead or alive.”